好きなスタイル ボブ

16 years experience, from Ibaraki

Favourite is bob hair style

Came to Singapore with previous experience of 15 years as a stylist in Tokyo.

I hope to be a part of your search on the best suited hair style for you!



Top Stylist

ホーランドビレッジ店人気No.1トップスタイリスト。 数々のコンテストで受賞歴有り、ヘアケアマイスター取得。 常夏のシンガポールで髪が広がる、ボリュームがでないなどの悩みを18年の美容師歴で解決します! お手入れが楽で再現性の高いスタイルの提供を目指してます。 ボリュームアップパーマ、ナチュラルツヤ髪ボリュームダウン、ダメージレスな3Dカラーが得意です。 リラックスしてもらえるようマンツーマンでの施術を心がけてます。

I am our branch’s No. 1 Top Stylist, and has won various contests and competitions, and secure myself the “Hair Care Meister” title. As Singapore’s everlasting summer and humidity can affect our hair to become frizzy and heavy, resulting in making our hair look flat, come to me and I will help you solve your (any) hair concerns with my 18 years of experience in this hair industry. I am able to design hairstyles that are easily maintained or recreate any hairstyles that you would like me to do! Additionally, I am very skillful in perms that can create volume for one’s hair, or lessen one’s hair volume naturally, and even do damageless 3D hair colour. I aim to provide the best, relaxing, one-on-one hair services or treatments for my lovely customers too.




Top Stylist

美容師歴19年 神奈川県出身



From Kanagawa,  I am able to design hairstyles that according to your face shape and bone structure during my 19 years of experience as a hairstylist, by myself. As each and every one of our face shape and hair quality are different, I want to discover styles that compliments my customers, I am happy to play a part in their lives. To me, the most important factor in hairstyling is to not need much effort to style your hair or to match your appearance. If you are worried that you do not suit certain hairstyles, come! Together, we will find the best hairstyle for you with your ideas and my skills. As we are getting older, you will feel that your hair conditon will starting to change gradually, so not just hairstyling, your scalp or any hair concerns that you may have, please feel free to seek advice from me. 



Salon Manager/Top Stylist







Regardless of age or gender, a wide range of customers come to me the most for haircuts!

After careful consultations, I find the best hairstyle for customers based upon head shape, hair type and lifestyle.

I also do kids cuts, and I would be more than happy if you visit as a family.

Please do not be afraid to share your concerns with me!

I also specialize in short styles, as well as perm and rebonding, where I am able to create a style suited to your preference.

On the other hand, looking to de-stress after a hard day? Please come to me for a head spa to relax!




Seiji has now moved to the Rochester outlet.